Making the Music Happen

We are a charitable organisation focused on bringing the community together through music education, no matter age, race or economic standing. Our affordable classes help people from all walks of life explore their passion for music. 

Community Involvement

We have endeavoured to ensure that our project is reflective and responsive to the needs of the disadvantaged communities in which we operate.

Our Community

There are many in the community who would like to participate in music activities but are excluded from doing so for a variety of reasons including: a lack of facilities; location; cost; no access to an instrument; feeling too old; lack of confidence, etc. This is most relevant in disadvantaged and interface areas of Belfast.

Our Tutors

Our tutors, many of whom were previously participants themselves, come from the heart of these communities and now share their skills and talent with others. They are well placed to understand the needs of those that want to engage in musical activities, having experienced the difficulties that exist for them.

Our Project

Eatablished in 1991, our project offers the resources that enable those in disadvantaged areas of Belfast to engage in a wide range of musical activities, where resources and facilities are non-existent. This brings together the entire community through music, enabling learning and the opportunity for those people to pass on what they have learned.

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How We Started

Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School was established in 1991 by a number of individuals from within the local area. Some were musicians looking for a place where they could teach, share and pass on their musical skills to others, while some were interested in developing a project that would be socially and economically beneficial to the wider community as a whole.

How We Work

Since our inception, there were a number of areas and issues that we felt needed to be addressed. The lack of music facilities generally within Belfast is one, and we have always worked consciously to make music accessible to all in the community, regardless of gender, religion, age, race, ability, etc.

The non-utilisation of local talent is another, both in terms of those with and those wishing to develop their abilities, and again we seek to encourage and provide opportunities to satisfy this. The cultural differences, the conflict and the diversity that exists within our communities, is an area that we feel can be addressed, both through music and interactive art forms, and to this end we seek to develop services which encourage participation from all communities.