Our Mission Statement

‘To be one of the foremost centres of excellence in the provision of traditional and contemporary music across the city of Belfast’.

A Word From Our Chair

As an organisation, we are extremely proud of what we have achieved since we were established in 1991, not least, given the constrained economic climate in which we have operated in recent years. We greatly appreciate the financial and moral support offered by the Arts Council N.I., Belfast City Council and BBC Children in Need over the years.

Our core values have remained constant since we began this journey, continually striving to ensure the highest quality offering for our students, whilst never forgetting our commitment to make the art of music accessible to all.

We have achieved this through our ability to maintain the provision of weekly music classes in a wide range of venues across Belfast, through the provision of performance opportunities and by facilitating the attainment of accredited qualifications for our students.
We remain steadfast in our ambition to be both reflective and responsive to the needs of the community we serve, in particular providing opportunities for those in disadvantaged areas to take part in a wide range of musical activities.
Participation levels have remained consistently high in recent years and indeed while our presence in the west of the city is strong, we have shown steady growth in other areas of Belfast.

We are particularly proud of our achievements in the planning period just completed (Strategic Plan: 2014 – 2017), with 96% of our targets set for the period either ongoing or achieved.

As a demand led organisation, we are acutely aware of the impact current financial constraints have on our core activities. But we believe the key to success is our drive to improve quality of provision, develop new and existing projects and strengthen our organisational sustainability.
We hope you will find this document an informative and interesting read that explains who we are and what we are striving to achieve in the coming three-year planning period.


Chair- ATCMS

Our Future Growth

Initially in 1991, the School’s offering was the provision of four classes each week, with only 30 pupils attending, but it quickly became apparent that this would not facilitate the number of participants that wanted to attend. The School therefore needed to expand its offering, which it has done very successfully.

Today in 2018, we currently provide weekly music classes that attract in the region of 650 – 700 individual participants each week.

We provide opportunities for our pupils to attain Accredited Qualifications, via – the London College of Music, RGT and Trinity Boards. These qualifications attract UCAS Tariff Points.

Additionally, we are recognised by CCEA as a centre for the delivery of ‘Performance Skills Level’s 1 & 2’, equivalent to GCSE O’level. CCEA currently use the portfolios of our pupils work to demonstrate to other ‘performance skills tutors’ the standard of work that is expected to achieve markings in the high 90’s.

Class Facilitation

Classes offering tuition in both Traditional and Contemporary music, are facilitated by accomplished and qualified musicians. We ensure that all of our tutors possess the necessary skills and are qualified to facilitate the delivery of our classes.


As part of our internal Training Programme, we provide training sessions suited to the needs of staff, tutors and board members. These cover – child protection, health & safety, disability awareness, class structuring, teaching techniques, governance, management, etc…

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