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Few sounds are as distinguishable as the high pitched blast of the Tin Whistle, also known as the Pennywhistle. It is perhaps the most accessible of all Irish traditional melodic instruments as you can pick one up readily, cheaply, and, best of all, travelling with one is a non-issue. It’s also very easy to learn tin whistle online with the right instruction.

Extremely popular in traditional Irish and Scottish music, tin whistle tunes doing the rounds are thus unsurprisingly either of Irish or Scottish origin—with many a debate raging over the parentage of certain tunes, eg ‘Will Ye Go Lassie, Go (Wild Mountain Heather)’, which, by the way, was written by a Scotsman and re-mastered by an Irish author.

You’ll soon discover that the tin whistle is fun to learn and master while offering a great opportunity to play Irish music with the least time and money investment. Our Tin Whistle Basics course allows you to learn tin whistle online with all you need to get started and have you playing 16 tunes by the end of 17 carefully designed tutorials.  But first, let’s start with the instrument itself.



  • Learn Tin Whistle online with 17 simple lessons.
  • Progress at your own pace, pause & repeat videos.
  • Access on all your devices.


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